Why radio advertising works

Why Radio Advertising Works: The Theatre of the Mind
There are no limitations to the imagery that can be created through well-executed radio. With a tiny fraction of the budget of TV, outdoor or activation advertising, we can bring anything to life in the mind of the listener. Special effects that would make Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay and George Lucas weep with envy. Stories that could bring laughter or tears to the faces of the entire cast of the Lord of the Rings. Entertaining, attention-grabbing radio is great radio and, if we can dream it, we can do it. Dreaming and then doing is what we're all about here at Hailstorm.
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Radio Targets Exactly Who You're After
South Africa is rich in thriving radio platforms. With numerous broadcasters operating nationally, regionally, and even online, each platform speaks to its own unique and very specific target group. Each station operates in its own region and speaks to its audience on levels that can be differentiated culturally, ethnically, economically and by age group. Whomever your brand speaks to, radio lets you speak to them directly.
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Radio-advertising is Infinitely Scalable
From the smallest, niche stations that deal with very specific subject matters in  very specific areas, all the way to nationwide behemoths that command audiences of millions throughout the country, radio can go as big or be as precise as you need it to. Whether you need to make your brand a household name that becomes part of the fabric of South Africa, or you need to tell a certain city that you're operating there, radio advertising lets you cast your net as tightly or as widely as you need to.
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Radio is Accessible to Everyone
The barriers to entry are far lower when it comes to radio than they are with many other media. This truth applies to both listeners, as well as potential advertisers. Very few households, cars or businesses are without easy access to radio, not to mention the rapidly widening reach of mobile-phone access that continues to exponentially grow. Wherever you go, whoever you are, whatever your economic situation, radio remains an ever-present voice.
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Radio Integrates With All Media
Radio advertising is not only proven to be a highly effective marketing channel on its own, but it also dramatically increases the effectiveness of other advertising media. Through message re-enforcement, radio enhances your return on investment in other media by acting as an amplifier of your brand's message.
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Radio: Tried, Tested, Not Going Anywhere
Radio's been around for generations and is set to remain a formidably powerful medium for generations to come. Unlike other media which may be in decline in the wake of new technologies and changing social behaviour, radio is walking hand-in-hand into the Digital Age, while continuing to serve the needs of the traditional-access audience as effectively as ever. Human beings have used sound to speak, sing, laugh, debate and, of course, do business with one another, since time immemorial... And nothing is going to change that.
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Radio: The Internet's Best Friend
When it comes to web-based businesses, or businesses with a strong online presence, studies (both local and international) have proven over and over that radio multiplies the click-through rate like no other form of advertising. If you want people to visit your online property, they first need to know about it. Combine awareness with a well-crafted brand message and a strong call to action, and you get traffic. Simple as that.
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Radio Reaches People.... Where You Aren't
Radio gets into homes, businesses, cars and shops from every walk of life, in every part of the country. For people to come to you, they need to know that you're there. Radio expands your reach from what people can see when they're near you, to what people can hear when they're just about anywhere. There is, after all, no point giving out flyers for your hotdog stand, from your hotdog stand... think about it.
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Radio Makes People Take Your Brand Seriously
People equate a presence on radio as a validator of brands. Radio ubiquity says, in the mind of the listener, “These guys have made it.” Because consumers listen to an average of more than 24 hours of radio per week, a strong presence on radio can create a share of mind that can be much larger than a business' actual share of market. Then, if done with care and love, (as we do it) radio advertising can catch that market-share up to the perception it's created... Build it, tell people, and they will come.
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