Recommended Articles

We like to read. And, we dig what we do. Needless to say, then, we read about what we do quite a lot. Here are some useful articles and studies about the effectiveness of radio-advertising that we've come across throughout our extensive research.
Enlightening and worth a read, we say...




- A UK study which shows that 30%-higher levels of positive engagement online is achieved with radio. Read it here.


- Radio and online combined are shown to have the most positive mood-enhancing effect (in terms of advertising media). Read it here.


- Radio is proven to significantly boost online browsing by as much as 52% according to a study. Read it here.


- Radio, especially when executed well, is more difficult to ignore than other media, such as print which is “easily skipped”. Also, “boring” topics can be made interesting more easily through radio-advertising than through other media. Read it here.


- Radio advertising suits small business. Read it here.