Radio advertising work

Radio advertising work is something that we take very seriously, and in which we place a great deal of pride. That said, "work" is a term we use loosely because - while a great deal of effort, care and planning goes into every little nugget of audio we create - we absolutely love radio advertising, from planning the strategy, to writing the creative content and then hitting the studio and bringing the ideas to life.

Here our some of the fruits of our recent labours. We hope you enjoy them, because we really enjoyed making them.

  • Hailstorm: “Destroy All Humans”

    Hailstorm: “Destroy All Humans”

    Stardate 2314: a peaceful emissary from Earth accidentally wanders into space controlled by the Aggregion Intergalactic Space Empire, incurring the...

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  • Hailstorm: “Barbecues With Squirrels”

    Hailstorm: “Barbecues With Squirrels”

    A lonely cowboy finds unlikely friendship, first with a mountain squirrel, and then with the local people....

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  • Hailstorm: “Faaghter”
    Hailstorm Boombox

    Hailstorm: “Faaghter”

    An MMA fighter gets the championship pep-talk he needs as he prepares to face the final round......

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  • Welcome to Hailstorm/Planetary Destruction

    Welcome to Hailstorm/Planetary Destruction

    While we were trying to create a polite promo for this site, we were invaded by a hostile extraterrestrial force....

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  • FHM 100 Sexiest 2013: “99 More of Them!”

    FHM 100 Sexiest 2013: “99 More of Them!”

    To promote FHM's 100 Sexiest issue, we asked, "What could possibly be better than one of the loveliest ladies on...

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  • FHM 100 Sexiest 2013: “Whose Milkshake?”

    FHM 100 Sexiest 2013: “Whose Milkshake?”

    To promote FHM's 100 Sexiest Issue, we begged a simple question: "Whose milkshake really brings all the boys to the...

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  • Price Check: “Many, Many Prices!”

    Price Check: “Many, Many Prices!”

    A 30" radio spot illustrating Price Check's rapid price-finding power....

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  • Price Check: “Love/Hate/Good”

    Price Check: “Love/Hate/Good”

    A 30" radio spot explaining that, whether you hate schlepping or love shopping, Price Check's got you covered....

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  • Price Check: “No Needy Humans!”

    Price Check: “No Needy Humans!”

    A 30" spot focused on Price Check allowing users to receive insurance quotes without giving away personal info or being...

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