Hailstorm Radio Advertising South Africa

We create great radio advertising. Because we love it.

Hailstorm Radio Advertising South Africa: We're a one-stop radio advertising services company. From helping you to strategise your brand's positioning and crafting your voice to best resonate with your audience, to writing, recording and producing great radio advertising that people will remember, all the way to helping you to choose the right stations and packages to get the best value for your radio advertising investment, and then flighting the ads on-air... we've got you covered.

We also like both coffee and people, so let's have a chat.


Brand Positioning and Creative Strategy (Finding Your Voice)

Great creative radio advertising content isn’t only born out of telling people what you do, what you make or which specials you’re running. It’s about telling people why you do it. Brands must connect with people on an emotional level.

We build brand-strategy from the ground up; understanding your audience, understanding what sets you apart from the rest, and identifying great human insights that connect with people’s hearts. Positioning, identity, tone, pay-off line… let’s craft and develop who your brand is. Together.

Creating Effective, On-brand Content

We make radio advertising work that gets people’s attention. We tell stories that resonate with people’s hearts. We make people smile. First we find your voice. Then we find great insights. Then we tell great stories. Whether it makes the listener laugh, cry or simply stop and think… great radio advertising is the work that stands out from the clutter.

World-class Audio Production

We’ve partnered with the impeccable Ross McDonald and the Hey!Papa Legend Studios Team in Salt River, Cape Town. And, with leading Cape Town voice agency, Tongue Twisters. We have great relationships with great creative people who we work well with and get along with. Our Head of Creative also happens to be an experienced voice actor, award-winning copywriter, and regular comedian on the Gareth Cliff Show. We’re all about great radio advertising and good fun!

Placement and Procurement

Telling great, entertaining radio advertising stories that reach people’s hearts is one (very important) thing.  But you also need to reach their ears. We  identify the stations that will most directly channel your message to the specific people you’re after, in the region where your business operates. Or, spread your message far and wide, to build a household name. We place your content with great care, leveraging our great relationships and experience within radio advertising in South Africa to get you the best ROI for your spend.