Hailstorm is on Facebook

Hailstorm is on Facebook

Hailstorm radio advertising specialists on FacebookMake Friends With Hailstorm on Facebook.

We're a social bunch here at Hailstorm Radio Advertising Specialists, that's why Hailstorm is on Facebook. If you'd like to hang out with us in the social sphere, come and join us on our official Facebook Page.

That's where we'll be having frank discussions about Radio Advertising in South Africa, media in general, brands, branding, awards, trends and anything we think is related to good business, good marketing and what's good for the bottom line.

It seems people are pretty opinionated and vocal about radio advertising. It's one of those things that touches almost everyone at some point throughout their daily lives. People have firmly held opinions about what's good and, especially, on what's bad. We recently asked which ads were driving people crazy, and the amount of comments and interactions we received surprised even us. It seems Lucy Hirsch and her team are up there with the worst offenders. We've tried to reach out to Hirsch's before, but no luck. Lucy, if you're out there, please let us help you. Or, eventually, one of your competitors will.

If you'd like to join the conversation, Hailstorm is on Facebook and waiting to hear your thoughts on... well, anything really. See you there.

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