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Cage-Fighter Radio Advert… Boet!

Radio advert about an MMA fighter Hailstorm Radio advertisingAn ad... about making ads! And cage-fighting.

A little radio advert that we made for our most difficult and nitpickey client... ourselves! After all, if radio advertising's not fun, then you're doing it wrong. This ad is about a young cage-fighter trying to reach his dreams. But, halfway through the bout, he's feeling his belief sapping away. But fear not! Coach Steenkamp is there, by his side, ready with some tough love! Continue Reading

Advertising Jingles: a Lost Art?

Rado advertising jingles are something of a lost artGood Jingles Get Stuck in Your Head. For Decades.

We've been involuntarily singing "Oh boy! Mum remembered Melrose" in the back of our minds for (literally) decades; usually at times that have no relevance to cheese – or even food – whatsoever. It's not always a good thing, but we damn sure won't ever forget Melrose.

Similarly, we've never forgotten that sometimes you need a little Finesse, and sometimes you need a lot. Jane Seymour's Set Two has been "something new" to us since the late Eighties, and we're well aware of whose village the "rumble in the middle of the jungle" comes from. And, don't even get us started on how far the strong fresh flavour of Glen Tea goes... Continue Reading

Hailstorm is on Facebook

Hailstorm radio advertising specialists on FacebookMake Friends With Hailstorm on Facebook.

We're a social bunch here at Hailstorm Radio Advertising Specialists, that's why Hailstorm is on Facebook. If you'd like to hang out with us in the social sphere, come and join us on our official Facebook Page.

That's where we'll be having frank discussions about Radio Advertising in South Africa, media in general, brands, branding, awards, trends and anything we think is related to good business, good marketing and what's good for the bottom line. Continue Reading

Hailstorm Radio Advertising Blog

Hailstorm Radio Advertising Specialists logoWelcome to our Radio Advertising blog

Welcome to Hailstorm Radio Advertising Specialists. We're thrilled to be up and running, making awesome radio work and other great creative content, and to be underway bruising the noses and the egos of the bigger agencies...

This is Hailstorm Blog; the section where we'll be sharing our news, insights, advice, opinion and thoughts on the state of creative branding. We're passionate when it comes to creativity in general, especially in the field of Radio Advertising.

We'll be sharing news, views, opinion, useful and interesting content we've found on the web and anything we think ads value to the world of Radio Advertising and creativity. We'd love to have your comments, feedback and participation. If you've got anything interesting to share or discuss – whether related to radio advertising or not – please feel free to post it in the comments.

Thank you for joining us. Any questions, just shout!

Louis and Gord.

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