Cage-Fighter Radio Advert… Boet!

Cage-Fighter Radio Advert… Boet!

Radio advert about an MMA fighter Hailstorm Radio advertisingAn ad... about making ads! And cage-fighting.

A little radio advert that we made for our most difficult and nitpickey client... ourselves! After all, if radio advertising's not fun, then you're doing it wrong. This ad is about a young cage-fighter trying to reach his dreams. But, halfway through the bout, he's feeling his belief sapping away. But fear not! Coach Steenkamp is there, by his side, ready with some tough love!

Can he fight his way to a better life for his wife, for his gym, for his baby, for himself and for all the good people of Springs? Put some belief in him and maybe – just maybe – he'll make it.

Written by Gord Laws at Hailstorm
Produced by Ross McDonald at Hey!PapaLegend Studios.

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