Advertising Jingles: a Lost Art?

Advertising Jingles: a Lost Art?

Rado advertising jingles are something of a lost artGood Jingles Get Stuck in Your Head. For Decades.

We've been involuntarily singing "Oh boy! Mum remembered Melrose" in the back of our minds for (literally) decades; usually at times that have no relevance to cheese – or even food – whatsoever. It's not always a good thing, but we damn sure won't ever forget Melrose.

Similarly, we've never forgotten that sometimes you need a little Finesse, and sometimes you need a lot. Jane Seymour's Set Two has been "something new" to us since the late Eighties, and we're well aware of whose village the "rumble in the middle of the jungle" comes from. And, don't even get us started on how far the strong fresh flavour of Glen Tea goes...

Even after just a minutes' thought, anyone who experienced the 80s and 90s can almost certainly come up with a half-dozen earworms, created for commercial purposes, that have taken up permanent residence in their brains and shall likely never leave. Some are beloved reminders of childhood, some are unwelcome mental freeloaders, but all of them were deeply effective, long-term brand-builders.

At Hailstorm Radio Advertising Specialists, we believe it's a lost artform. It doesn't seem as though there was a conscious, industry-wide shift away from the art and craft of advertising jingles – a memo to the industry, if you will – they just kind of... disappeared. Perhaps it was during the late 90s and the 00s, when gangsta rap dominated the charts and pop music went on something of a machisimo-fuelled, overly serious bent? Perhaps jingles were just a little too common, and advertisers didn't want to be associated with what was mainstream (often, the industry is obsessed with being different, at the expense of doing effective things well)? Or, maybe the world just... forgot about them.

We think it's time for a resurgence. Yes, like anything done well in advertising, advertising jingles need to be treated with care, craft and love, and we should make sure we don't venture into the ultra-twee territory of past decades, but we believe that getting your brand stuck – on repeat – in someone's head is a very good way to build active brand recall.

Our highly talented music composition and production partners over at Hey!PapaLegend Studios are with us in this belief. And together, we're ready to get South Africa singing again! All that's left is for you to answer two vital questions:

1. Are you with us? And,
2. What did you do with your Phillips today?

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think on the matter, which jingles are embedded in your brain forever, which you love and which you wish would pack up and leave.

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