Radio Means Business.
There is Great Joy in Great Radio Advertising.
Breaking Through the Clutter Wins Hearts, Minds and Business.
Spreading Your Message Far and Wide.
Radio: Tried, Trusted, Here to Stay.

Welcome to Hailstorm. We create outstanding radio advertising that means business.

We cut the fat, cut to the chase and cut no corners when it comes to great creative work that stands out, brings people joy and creates real results for our clients and their brands.

The airwaves are our territory and the theatre of the mind is our playground. Get in touch so we can  spread your business' message far and wide across South Africa.


This Site Has Been Invaded. The Planet Will be Destroyed.

We were trying to record a clean, neat, tidy voice-over to summarise and explain this lovely website.

Sadly, while we were doing it, Planet Earth was invaded by hostile aliens and will shortly be destroyed.

It's probably best if you give it a listen...


Hailstorm: "Cage Faaghter"

We could write a long schpeel about the many advantages and benefits that come with great radio advertising.

But it'd be easier if you just give a quick listen to a cage fighter getting ready for the final round of a championship bout.

Trust us. It makes perfect sense...


Hailstorm: "Barbecues with Squirrels"

Want to understand what we're all about here at Hailstorm? Good! Then let us tell you a story. Because that, in a nutshell, is what we do...

This particular story involves a cowboy, a squirrel and a crisis of conscience.